Avoid fake Windows 11 offers

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If you would like to upgrade to Windows 11, use these tips to avoid being scammed or infected with malware

In case you've received an email recommending that you upgrade to Windows 12, delete it without hesitation. It is a fake or a come-on for some piece of malware that was about to infect your PC. But what about if you have received a message asking you to upgrade to Windows 11? Security researchers have tracked a malicious campaign that made use of a legitimate-sounding 'windows-upgraded' domain which was used to spread RedLine Stealer malware by running a fake installer.

So if you are interested in upgrading to Windows 11, here are some tips to avoid being scammed or infected with malware (or both):

First, always get your download directly from Microsoft (or a reseller that you have previously done business with). This is the official Microsoft download page.

Second, trust your instincts. If something appears odd, such as the 'Windows 12' upgrade, skip it. If you get a warning from Windows or your phone about a planned download, you should stop and review it carefully ' it's probably popping up for a reason.

Alternatively, if your installer is offering you multiple apps that you didn't intend to install, stop it immediately.

If you're installing a new app, take the time to read the permissions requested by it, while ensuring that you understand what the app wants to do and what it is for.

Finally, is the offer just too good to pass up? If it looks too good to be true, then it likely is. This is good advice in general for anything delivered to your inbox or phone.